What other students have to say about their learning experience...

“Nick has had a massive influence on my playing and is an inspirational teacher, always pushing me to think outside the box and come up with my own style. My lessons were largely based around material I wanted/needed to learn to reach where I wanted to be as a guitarist. Nick helped me to achieve that goal.”

Josh Middleton - Architects

"Nick has an outstanding local reputation as a guitar teacher and our boys have been having tuition with him for the past three years. From the start he gave very clear instructions on how and what to practice and as a result Felix and Theo progressed very quickly and this fast progression was key in keeping them interested and motivated initially. Subsequently, they always look forward to his lessons and they continue to make incredible progress. Nick works with his students so they choose songs they want to play and he encourages them and keeps them challenged. We can highly recommend Nick.”

Sarah and Simon Ratigan – Caversham, Reading

“Nick is more than just a teacher showing you how to play – he made me aware of different artists and recordings which in turn stretched my playing and widened my repertoire. He quickly identified areas where I needed to improve, and each lesson gave me a piece to learn and practice that honed those areas. Practicing wasn’t a chore – it was an enjoyable process that improved my playing tenfold. Lessons with Nick were more of a conversation about guitars: playing, styles and techniques, and I hardly knew that I was learning. I now know that all areas of my playing and performance have been enhanced, and Nick’s input was responsible for me challenging myself and pushing myself further than I could ever have imagined.”

Steve ‘Klunky” Clarke - Coffin Nails

"Nick Hollings is an exceptional teacher. I originally came to him in the years after I left ACM in Guildford and was feeling a shade jaded towards music; I was hoping that one-to-one lessons would help pep me up and get me back into the love of music I’d started to lose a little. Nick’s lessons did just that. Through his patient approach, constant motivation and endless course materials, he helped me progress further than I had previously, and most importantly, re-kindle the passion that had started to wane! Nick is an inspiring man to sit opposite and an exceptionally capable musician."

Chris Borland, Professional Guitar Teacher, BA (Hons)

“Nick's excellent musicianship, enthusiasm and versatility have helped both myself and my daughter in our guitar playing. For my daughter, her playing and confidence with the guitar has progressed way beyond my expectations, and Nick’s teaching technique of using pieces of her choice in the mix has kept the experience enjoyable and interesting. For me, a player of some 20 years, he has worked on specific areas – soloing / improvisation, expression and composition, using a variety of styles as well as music I have been playing with a local band. Always an enjoyable lesson, I would highly recommend Nick’s teaching to anyone who wants to learn or improve their playing.”

Gary Pollington – Berkshire

“Nick is a very good guitar teacher both in knowledge and technique. I’ve been with him since 2013 and have progressed dramatically. I enjoy my lessons as not only does it strengthen my playing ability but it also widens my knowledge of music. On a personal level, he’s very relatable and easy going, he encourages and helps in any way he can (both with guitar and life). I would definitely recommend Nick to both the budding guitar player, and the veteran as he can always teach you something new.”

Aaryn – Age 16

“Nick is a tremendous guitarist and teacher. His technique is awesome and he has a very individual playing style. As a teacher he is extremely versatile and can cover virtually anything guitar related to a very high level. Nick's enthusiasm and dedication towards guitar playing and music in general has been a huge inspiration to me over the years.”

Andrew ‘Oz’ Wright – Head-on

“Nick Hollings is a guitar teacher I would recommend to anyone...and I have. Nick was able to take what I'd learned from a previous teacher and take me to the next level of playing, through genres such as country, rock, and even classical. At the same time, he taught my brother how to play from scratch, which I never thought would be easy! Nick's thoroughly professional approach and homely surroundings enable any guitar player at any standard, from absolute beginner to expert, to benefit and build confidence to take their playing that big step further.”

James Ewers – My Luminaries

"Nick helped me realise my musical and technical capabilities and then stretched them by setting me hard but achievable weekly challenges. This coupled with the way in which Nick was able to deliver complex musical theory/concepts, in an easily digestible way, allowed me to achieve my current level of musicianship."

Rory Davidson – BA (Hons, 1st) Contemporary Popular Music. Session Player & Private Tutor

“Nick has a well structured syllabus which covers all aspects of modern guitar playing and a warm, gentle manner which instils confidence and earns the respect of all his students. Most importantly though, Nick taught me everything I needed to know while at the same time giving me the encouragement and freedom to develop my own style.”

Andy Galloway – Stone Baby

“Having hung the 6 strings up many years ago, I took the plunge, bought a Strat and sought Nick's help. After a year I played in public, a proposition that would have terrified me, as I have insight to my ability. The enjoyment that I get from playing is now immense. Due to my work, practice time is at a premium; Nick gently encourages me but is never impatient during the times that I lack progress. Playing a musical instrument in front of someone whose skills I could never match, should be an embarrassment; with Nick it isn't.”

Dr Simon Ruffle – General Practitioner

"Nick's knowledge of the guitar and music is incredible. I've drawn lots of inspiration from what he's taught me."

James Clayton – The Arusha Accord

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“Nick is a master player with a fantastic breadth of knowledge, ability and musicality. Two years of regular lessons with Nick left me feeling challenged and inspired every time I went to play the guitar and under his tuition I gained a Master’s Degree in music (with Distinction). The lessons were always fun and even talking to Nick prior to the lessons could lead to a new avenue of playing. The theory and musicality I gained with Nick are a large contributing factor to my success as a session guitarist. Furthermore his laser-precision focus on polishing up my technique meant that I was physically prepared to cope with the rigours of touring full time. Absolutely recommended as a regular teacher but also as an expert mentor for the already advanced player. “

Adam Thomas Smith - Session guitarist, currently with International touring and West-End show ‘The Simon & Garfunkel Story’.

"Since being tutored by Nick, I have developed hugely as a guitarist. Where I used to noodle bits of songs on my own, I now have the confidence and technique to play live with other musicians. As well as being an inspiringly good guitarist, Nick is patient and supportive. He challenges and motivates students, selecting new pieces that build on existing skills whilst developing new ones. I would recommend his teaching to anyone who wants to start taking their playing more seriously.”

Nick Bettes - Management Consultant

“Nick’s experience and expertise as a teacher became apparent the moment I started lessons with him. He was instantly able to focus in on what I wanted to learn and I made rapid progress in a very short space of time. His friendly but professional manner puts you instantly at ease and his structured but versatile teaching method is brilliant. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Caroline Campbell - Cradle of Filth/Hugh Cornwell Band

“A phenomenal guitarist, a wonderful teacher and a master musician. Nick's versatility and comprehension of music is extraordinary. A naturally gifted teacher, Nick has a friendly, professional and unique teaching style that has been fundamental in making me the player that I am today. My lessons would often be based around the material that I wanted to learn and the musical direction I wished to pursue. I would leave the lessons stimulated and wanting to put into practice what I had learned, and after seven years, I still feel motivated and inspired - one the key reasons why I decided to further pursue Music and Guitar. I couldn't ask for a better teacher.“

Alexander Clarke - BMus & MMus from Royal Holloway. (Berkshire Maestros)

“As a parent, I was delighted with the way Nick taught my 9 year-old son – he was positive, kind and encouraging and instilled in him a love for the instrument and an appreciation for music. During his time with Nick, we were very pleased with his progress. I would highly recommend Nick to any parent or child wishing to learn guitar”

Faz Chaudhri - Bracknell

“Nick is a phenomenal guitar player – his versatility and ability are quite staggering but are presented in a way that never strikes as being showing. As a teacher he adapts his method to suit the pupil and lets you dictate the pace so that you never feel under pressure when work “occasionally” eats into practice time. That said, he always keeps challenge in the lesson so that sessions do not become stale. In all it is a privilege to have Nick as a teacher.”

Russell Hampshire – Senior Partner KPMG

“Nick was my best guitar teacher. He showed me how to be economical, and pushed my playing in new directions. He can teach and play in any style, though I think his favourite is...”

Peter Cattermaul – Teleman/Pete And The Pirates

"Nick has been teaching my 12-year-old son, Robert, rock guitar for the past eighteen months. As a parent I could not wish for a better teacher. Robert is a very inward boy, but Nick, in only a couple of sessions had managed to bring out his confidence to the very rare point of Robert desperately wanting to go to his lesson and play and learn with Nick. He is learning so many new techniques and songs, and is being encouraged to produce his own pieces of music to perform in school productions. Robert recently stole the show with his rendition of Stairway To Heaven (an 8 minute epic). I am very proud and delighted with what Robert has achieved over the past eighteen months, and I highly recommend Nick as a teacher to anyone."

John Yiannapas - Parent

“For 6 years, Nick provided me with a solid and comprehensive grounding in many styles and techniques along with supporting my pursuits in the context of both performance and composition, guitar based or otherwise throughout my time studying Music at GCSE and A-level. I was constantly challenged by the repertoire I worked on and inspired to improve by Nick’s enthusiasm and seemingly boundless mastery of the guitar - as a young pupil, his broad knowledge opened my mind musically and my continued pursuit of both Music and guitar, is largely thanks to him.”

Josh Shires – BA Music (University of Leeds)

"It seems like I can give Nick any CD or song and he can transcribe it in minutes in an easy to understand way for me to play on guitar. His patient approach is just what a 50 something rocker like me needs! I learn the songs I want and I learn them at my own pace. It’s a really enjoyable 40 minutes every week! I have been learning guitar with Nick for five years and now my thirteen-year-old daughter has also started lessons with him. He is a walking encyclopaedia of guitar and music knowledge. Books and Tutors are all very well but I learn far faster and more accurately in my lessons with Nick."

Dave Hammond – Managing Director – Liberated Decisions Ltd

“I’ve been a pupil of Nick’s for several years. During that time, my playing has progressed from absolute beginner to holding an RGT Grade 5 Honours Certificate in Electric Guitar. Nick has to be one of the most talented guitar players I’ve seen, and has the skill to teach all styles at all levels. Under his tutorage, my playing has improved dramatically and I have branched out into playing many different styles of music which I would never have previously considered.”

Bill Hipgrave – Managing Director – Vertec Scientific Ltd

“I think it’s rare to find a talented musician who has such a genuine and deep interest in how people learn. Nick’s breadth of knowledge and styles has enriched my listening enjoyment as well as my playing.”

Andrew Munro – Management Consultant