What others say...

Andy Galloway

“Nick taught me everything I needed to know while at the same time giving me the encouragement and freedom to develop my own style..."

Rory Davidson

"Nick helped me realise my musical and technical capabilities..."

Bill Hipgrave

"Nick has to be one of the most talented guitar players I’ve seen, and has the skill to teach all styles at all levels..."

Caroline Campbell

"His friendly but professional manner puts you instantly at ease and his structured but versatile teaching method is brilliant. I can’t recommend him highly enough...”

Josh Shires

““For 6 years, Nick provided me with a solid and comprehensive grounding in many styles and techniques..."

Andrew Munro

"It is rare to find a talented musician who has such a genuine and deep interest in how people learn..."

Simon Ruffle

"Having hung the 6 strings up many years ago, I took the plunge, bought a Strat and sought Nick's help..."



General Reference:

The Musicians Guide to Reading and Writing Music - Dave Stewart


This book is simply brilliant. It is lucid, accurate, comprehensive and suffused with humor throughout which makes it an absolute joy to read. Not the sort of plaudits normally heaped on to a music theory book!

Inside the Music - Dave Stewart

ISBN-13: 978-0879305710

The follow up to the ‘The Musicians Guide to Reading and Writing Music’ retains its clarity and humor, whilst endeavoring to tackle more complex musical concepts. Also includes a useful chapter on music technology and its role in modern music making.

The Jazz Theory Book - Mark Levine

ISBN-13: 978-1883217044

This book is not just for Jazz musicians - it is for any musician who wants to understand music theory with a view to improving their creative soloing in any musical setting. It is a cogent, well-organized and extremely comprehensive guide. Highly recommended.

Picture Chord Encyclopaedia - Hal Leonard

ISBN-13: 978-0634041587

A comprehensive encyclopaedia of all common guitar chords in all twelve keys. An indispensible companion for the road!

Chord Chemistry - Ted Greene

ISBN-13: 978-0898986969

This is a fantastic book for any guitar player who wishes to go beyond the standard chord catalogue and delve into the more advanced area of harmony and how chords actually fit together. There are a lot of useful hints and tips in here, primarily for jazz players, but any player can benefit from what Ted has to say. He explains some of the more confusing topics of music (e.g. chord substitution and reharmonisation) in a clear and concise manner. A truly comprehensive treatise on guitar chords and their application.

The Real Book Volume 1 (C Edition)

ISBN-13: 978-0634060380

The definitive jazz standard ‘fake’ book.

Monthly Publications:

Total Guitar

Contains songs, techniques and articles.

Guitar Techniques

Covers songs, styles and techniques. More advanced.

Sound on Sound

The definitive recording magazine.


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